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Marketing and Innovation

Product launch

Always focussing on the latest macro and category trends, Twisted Orange have a vast insight into how to introduce new brands, products or categories and services to the market. We use our connections and experience to help judge where you would get the best return on your investments and what the fundamental activities would be for raising your profile with customers and consumers.



We know marketing can easily, and quickly, absorb money and will work with you to make sure your budget achieves the best possible results. If time or resource is at a premium, we can even do all the creative content writing, tweeting, posting and delivery. 



From product concept creation through to market launch there is the requirement for effective project management to ensure budgets are adhered to and time lines are achieved. As qualified Prince II practitioners, we can help build and execute processes to complement your business and ensure smooth launches. We know how to maximise the profitability of new products through effective supplier negotiation, efficient processes and by developing successful customer relationships.



We have managed product range launches for the likes of Marks and Spencer, Cadbury's and the Hairy Bikers, throughout which we have learnt what delivers results, how to overcome the challenges and, most importantly, have loved the ultimate buzz from seeing new products on shelf. 



Having judged at Taste of the West awards, we know what 'great' tastes like! Louise's PhD in food chemistry also comes in useful when working on new product developments and processes.

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