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Add some zest to your business

Working with you to ensure your company, brand and products stand out for your customers, your suppliers and also your employees.

We bring a wealth of expertise to support business success through consultancy, training, research and insight with a focus on cost effectiveness, relationship development, innovation, nutrition and sustainability.

A company with a twist, providing solutions to help sustainably grow your business.

Kaleidoscope contributes to the transformation of global food systems to ensure secure and nutritious food for all by providing novel consumer insight methodologies that de-risk the innovation journey.

A collaboration with Swansea University.

What We Do

We offer everything from sales and marketing to procurementdistribution and logistics advice. Make use of our full service or pick our brains about the function most important to you.


Twisted Orange What We Do

How We Do It

We have a variety of packages available so we can tailor our zestiness specifically to your business needs. Use us for interim advice, full consultancy or for training purposes.

Twisted Orange How We Do It

Who Does It?

We work from our offices in the beautiful Devon countryside but we provide our comprehensive service to companies all over the UK. Wherever your business is located, we can help you.


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