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How We Do It

• twisted orange can work with your business in many different ways •

We appreciate that each business has their individual needs, we therefore offer flexible packages, tailored for you, to suit your business and budget.


From complete business strategy development to advice on specific functional challenges – we can help! We can review your business operation and performance, discuss your objectives and provide solutions across all, or any, functions – covering procurement, supply chain and all your commercial requirements.



Need a short-term fix or a part-time longer term solution, we can parachute a team member in when the introduction of a permanent head count is prohibitive or not the correct option for your business. We can work on any size of task or challenge be it from conception to completion or from function specific to company wide.


We focus on ensuring that supplier and customer relationships and business performance are developed through extensive experience and real life examples.  We can deliver training to individuals or teams, either in person or utilising technology, to work to your specific budget and timelines.


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